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  1. Thanks for all the information. Definitely check on everything that you mention. Thanks again, Greg
  2. I think I even put new upper a arms on it. Can't honestly remember if I put lowers on it or not. I'll check the wheel bearings as thank. Thank you
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. 2003 Chevy Tahoe LS 4 wheel drive. I've had this Tahoe aligned twice at two different shops and both say everything is good under it but for some reason it's still pulls to the right. I think they are something else going on other than the alignment. It has new upper and lower ball joints and new inner and outer tie rod ends. The wheels have been rotated and all the correct air pressure is in all four tires. I don't think the alignment is the problem. I believe it is something else but I cannot figure it out. Has anyone ever experienced anything because it has me so confused right now with two shops saying it is perfect on their machines ? Any help would be a much appreciated. Thank you, Greg Hunter
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