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  1. This is for all you Chevy owners who bought a 20 or 21 Silverado with a 6.2. I have done some major experimenting on 2021 Silverado Trail Boss with the 6.2 starting with a 14" Magnaflow and flapper delete (came with only one). It was obnoxiously loud and had a terrible drone at highway speeds. I then put a 18" Magnaflow with the flapper back on and it was much better but still had a noticeable annoying drone at highway speeds. I finally installed a 22" Magnaflow (part #12589) without the flapper and it has a perfect tone and most importantly no drone at highway speeds. It sounds awesome at WOT! ***Total cost for all parts/labor at a reputable muffler shop near me was $495 which includes me keeping the 18" Magnaflow. Still significantly cheaper than any of the cat-back exhaust systems on the market. Hope this information is helpful!
  2. I have a 2021 Trail Boss with a 6.2 and I cut out the OEM muffler and put a Magnaflow 18" and left the front flapper in place (it only came with one). I can tell you it sounds great (not too loud) with absolutely no drone.
  3. New here. I have a 2021 trail boss 6.2 and want to level it. I was thinking of removing the 2" blocks in the rear end that the factory lift comes with. I can get the shorter U- bolts from Chevy to replace the longer ones. My question here is are the factory Rancho shocks on the trail boss too long after removing the 2" blocks or can they accommodate 0-3" of lift? Rough Country makes a great levelling kit for my truck for the front end but I really don't want to mess with the OEM front suspension and/or make it any higher. Thoughts??? Ken
  4. New here. Question, does anyone know if the rear Rancho Shocks installed on a 2021 Trail Boss 6.2 are longer than the rear Rancho shocks installed on the stock Z71 without the 2" Chevy installed factory lift? I'm asking because I am considering removing the factory installed 2" rear blocks to level my Trail Boss (instead of leveling the front). Any help is appreciated.
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