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  1. I upgraded my radiator which now doesn't have a built-in engine oil cooler. Is circulation required to go through the factory oil cooler lines (if cooler removed)? They can't be capped, only bypassed(looped) to keep circulation - correct? Anyone convert factory KC4 oil cooler lines to -AN lines on a '90 5.7 k1500? What size are the ports on the engine block cooler adapter so I can use an -AN adapter? thanks
  2. Any experience using radiator built in trans cooler as an engine oil cooler? The smaller tubing & fittings I am sure would cause an unacceptable pressure drop.
  3. Poil, Temp, Volt, & Fuel, & indicators/warnings - all stopped working. Does this sound like an ignition switch feed problem? Any common problem with this happening?
  4. any later years that are available to replace 1990 sun visors with? thanks
  5. I need to change my fuel pump. Does running the (high pressure) EP381 fuel pump (from a 96 Vortec) as a replacement pose any problems for a (mildly modded) 1990 5.7L TBI? Any experiences with this upgrade? My mods are mild now, but I am planning on more later and don't won't to limit myself with respect to fuel pump - if it doesn't hurt anything. Thanks
  6. Having some drivability issues, then got a CEL which showed a code #44 O2 lean. Fuel Pressure showed 10psi. Pinching return line didn't yield any increase in pressure. Diagnosing a dying pump I decided to upgrade to an EP381 to cover any future mods. I may have around 250rwhp now (see sig), would like around 350hp when I have more time to play. Can you outline, or provide the thread covering adjusting/modifying the OE pressure reg (for the EP381)? I will be installing my Holley TBI later - I understand that has an adjustable press reg which should be straightforward to adjust? I prob only need about 14 - 15psi with my current light mods. Thanks
  7. Started with a 1990 B2000 Ordered a Nissan Hardbody KC SE V6 5-speed. First good looking truck in my opinion and first mini truck with a V6. Thought it was going to be a hot rod, but truck weighed over 2 tons. Then the 1990 Chevy caught my eye with its all blacked out Sport Package and smooth hardware and styling. Test drove one and I couldn't believe how well it drove compared to my smaller "sport truck". Ordered one up with every option but dual battery I think, and got it 10 weeks later. WOW!!!! What a looker, and still is. Moved on to my 2001 Ford SVT Lightning that I also ordered (they put your name on the window sticker if you order it). Raced this bad boy (showing off my power tailgate system) open track here in SOCal for 4-5 years before I got tagged in the rear by a BMW in the chicane and stuck a concrete barrior at Fontana Speedway, totaling it (see video of me racing). Replaced the Lightning with a Ram SRT-10 6-speed. WOW again. This is currently up for sale. Thats it for my trucks for now. I am thinking about the new 2010 1500 with the new 4.5L diesel, and possibly trying it on the track.
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