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  1. rebuild was to preform the same as stock. will take a few attempts to get them on the phone, as they are busy and either have the phone busy or letting it ring to get other customers taken care of with their vehicles. I was happy that he had the parts in stock, back in March. Not sure if they have new supplies available or if their stock pile has been depleted. check with them.
  2. you are correct, and one of the videos he posted was the transmission from my truck
  3. i ordered multiple plugs from the video posted above. after crawling under the truck, with a couple of what i thought were "tiny" screw drivers, i went back into the house and grabbed a paper clip. wiggle the paperclip so it breaks into 2 and have 2 good ends to push into the plug next to the wire. PERFECTO! New plug in place and cap on, back in place and secure. Bob's your uncle!
  4. 2016 Sierra 2wd with 6L80 purchased 87,059 Was just 3 months outside warranty for the Transmission when problems started. Returning home from a 500 mile trip I noticed it was having issues the final 25 miles. *jerking and abnormal shift changes Weighed my options and part availability before having it towed to: Precision Transmissions 300 Ross St, Amarillo, TX 79102 https://goo.gl/maps/pTejCdW2E35Ns4417 was loaded onto the flat bed and hauled to Amarillo with 95,277 after transmission rebuild 95,299 after ATF filter and fluid replacement 98,641 I did the ATF and filter change at home in the driveway. Recommend getting a large drain pan. *7.5 gallon drain pain I used The ATF and filter change for a 2wd was mostly easy... but i cursed GM for building the exhaust they way they chose to route it under the transmission pan. I know the 4wd would require more effort to change. hope to have the truck for another 100,000 miles without major mechanical failure. *lifters and cam planned for next year*
  5. On vacation several hours away from home when I stop at a park station that has almost NO phone connections. Truck had ran great for the entire trip up to this point, but when I went to start the truck and continue my travels a problem arose. No Start Battery is good, key fob battery is good, everything seems to be working the way it should. Diagnosis... the plastic plug that connects to the starter has failed. The clip has broken and the plug is no longer connected. I push the plug back into place, but there is no "click" due to a tiny plastic part being broken. no way to secure it, so its a 2 person job to start the truck. 1. under the truck pushing the plug into the connector on the starter 2. turning the key to start the truck. Now i'm looking for others that have had this problem, and what they use to remedy. I found the starter wire with plug available online and at the local parts store, but would prefer NOT to splice it in I also found some info on a YouTube video of a guy replacing the plug.
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