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  1. 2016 Tahoe LT Changing the rear sensors and noticed a good amount of oil covering the sensor on the passenger side. It's the only one I've removed so far. Is this OK?
  2. Didn't see a specific area to do this in, and the only other forum I belong to has a dedicates area - so don't hold back if I'm goofin up already. 2016 Tahoe LT owner. Recently been doing all my own maintenance. Just hit 100k the other day, and I'd like to keep performing as much as possible. Got a couple issues (ABS & AC) that seems common, and looks like the best answers/fixes are coming from this forum. Thanks for the info. Looking to start tackling the ABS issue, and I'll share my specific issues, progress and hopeful fix in a thread, when I get to fixin it. I may annoy you with questions here and there, but I've got plenty of cigars to keep you answering them! I'll try to share and help along the way, when I can.
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