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  1. Smoked side markers Cognito 3 Inch Level with Fox Shocks Firestone Air Bags Truxedo Bed Cover Fuel 22 inch Rebel 8 Nitto Ridge Grappler 325/50/22
  2. Just installed the Cognito kit with UCA and Fox Shocks. I am measuring around 42 Inches all around from the ground to the fender opening. Is that what you all are experiencing? I have the same wheel and tire setup coming as firstascent. I wasn't sure if I should bring up the front a bit as I do have helper bags going in to help with my 5th wheel. I want to make sure I have clearance for the wheels and tires.
  3. Reese Goosebox here! Been using on Brother in Laws Ram Dually. Trying on my 3500 Denali SRW Standard Bed tomorrow. Stay tuned
  4. I’m going to go for it! I will prob not do any blocks in the back to start. Instead I am going to install helper air bags. Thanks for the advice!!
  5. It just move ls the bumper out 3/4 of an inch and gives more clearance instead of cutting the front bumper or lower bumper trim. The total cost of the bumper extension and kelderman caps is around $400 some people may just cut. I am going to play it by ear and see where it runs and what I have to cut then make the modifications.
  6. I'm only going to do the level. I tow the 5th wheel currently with a Lifted Ram which will still be higher
  7. Looks good Doozer!! That's why I come to this forum!! Honestly feel I would be settling with the 20's. To answer the above question, I do not want to cut my frame. I also wasn't a big fan of ordering wheels and tires finding out they don't fit and being stuck!!
  8. Hello all, I have a 21 Sierra Denali 3500 HD SRW. I have been going back and forth between doing a Level Kit or a 4 Inch Lift. I would prefer the simplicity of just doing the level but am being told I just can't run the wheel and tire setup i want. I am looking to run a 22*10 -18 Wheel with a 325/50/22 Tire. I cannot just run a 35*12.5*22 because I cannot get the proper Load rating as I am pulling a 5th Wheel. I am being told by Cognito/Kyrptonite as well as a reputable shop that the max wheel/tire I can run on a level without seriously cranking the keys would be a 2
  9. I am looking to run the exact set up. I have a 3500 Denali and want the same wheels and same 325/50/22. I am installing the cognito level kit with UCA. I am being told but multiple sources that this will not work which is certainly frustrating since you have been running the fitment. The last thing I want to do is order everything and it doesn’t fit. I am being suggested running a 20*9 +1 with a 295/65/20. I would prefer your setup. Any words of encouragement?
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