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  1. I have a 1999 Silverado with a blown 4.3. I bought a 35,000 mile 1999 5.3 donor truck and have the computer and harness with the motor. The only problem is donor harness is for a manual tranny and I have automatic. I have since went to the junk yard and pulled a Silverado harness for an automatic. I checked and all sources were saying harness was explicit to year, the only harness I could find was a 2000 Silverado. My question is will the 2000 harness work on my 1999 5.3? When I got the junk yard harness since it was 2000 and all sources were saying everything was year specific, I grabbed the 2000 computer also incase pinout was different. Should I use the 2000 harness with the 1999 computer, or use both the 2000 harness and computer. Thanks in advance guys!!!!
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