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  1. I’ll definitely look into that. The highest I’ve seen is 81% at the station down the street from me but I’ve been curious about throwing c85 in the mix for the fun of it. It wouldn’t be a regular thing but just curiosity I guess. Honestly you’ve been a lot of help with all this. Now tomorrow I need to do some data logging and see what a revision will do on e85 and headers
  2. I’m tuned on e85 right now. Honestly the power loss isn’t anything crazy at all but my butt dyno notices a little bit of loss so I think lol I agree on the e85 part the gains are nice and I’m on the first revision so hopefully the second revision will open it up
  3. Feels like off the hit and once it gets to the top end it feels good. I’d say from a dig or low rpm range is where I feel it’s a little sluggish. I haven’t gotten a retune after the headers. Probably what is causing it to be like this. I know I should have done a retune but I’ve been to busy with stuff. Do you think a retune for headers with the muffler will clear things up? Mind you I do have the 2018 Silverado e assist with the 8 speed auto so I think they do it through efi live instead of hp tuners
  4. Honestly everything you’ve pointed out makes perfect sense to me and helps me understand what is going on. With the stock muffler the truck felt very fast and now it feels quick on top end but the mid range is ehhh to me now. Maybe a different muffler would help. That and possibly a retune would help clear this up a little. Worst case scenario I can go boost and just forget all these problems lol
  5. I have a 2018 Silverado e assist l83 mods: speed engineering headers (castles) voolant CAI e85 conversion stock resonator magnaflow muffler tuned by BBP so I finally took the stock muffler off and added a magnaflow and kept the stock resonator. It sounds great but I feel like I lost a little power since now I have more exhaust flow. My question is do you think if I add a l86 ported intake manifold with a ported l86 throttle body it’ll make up for the loss of power. im thinking that I’m getting more exhaust flow but I’m not pulling in enough air to match it but then again I don’t know. Anyone else have this problem after longtubes and aftermarket muffler??
  6. So I guess I never knew that some of y’all were having problems trying to get your trucks tuned with the e assist. Well after talking to another with a e assist he told me I should tell the community. 2018 Silverado E assist/8 speed Voolant Cold Air Intake (had to relocate the reservoir) Speed Engineering Longtube Headers E85 Conversion waiting to add L86 Intake/throttle body 8 speed is still untunable for now Now as far as the tune well it hits very hard. Especially with a e85 conversion. The 8 speed in stock form is just a great combo together. I don’t know if this is common knowledge yet but I just wanted to share my feedback to y’all. Hopefully I’ll start posting more but with nitrous as I have already contacted BBP about spraying a small 100 shot at this beast
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