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  1. Your advice is well taken as I don't want to get radical as it is my daily driver. I am putting longtube headers and different muffler on it. I want to hear it purrrrrrrr......r. No drone noise if I can help it. Thanks, Jim
  2. I am looking at the same questions for my 2011 5.3. I found some youtube videos which indicated 219/223 durations and 600/600 lift at LSA 114 for LS trucks was the "ultimate" 5.3 LS upgrade. In fact two different youtubers said about the same thing. The problem I have with researching all this, there are always issues left out by different youtubers. My build will be strictly street. I want to keep my low end torque and not get too much past 6000 rpm. I will need to delete DOD/AFM like you. Also the relatively small rear end gears ( I am not sure what I have now but I want to go to at leas
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