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  1. Haven’t hit any trails yet but did get to hit some of the NC Outer Banks beaches.
  2. I'm guessing 84816404 but I just did a search like this pic on car-part to find it. Was $75 + shipping. Prices vary by seller.
  3. I didn't take pics as I did it but the one on my seat is the old one. The second pic is the "new" one installed. It was pretty simple. 1. Pry off the 2 L shaped pieces 2. Remove 2 screws closest to windshield 3. Pull out old console (held in by 2 clips) 4. Unplug 2 wire connectors and loom clip 5. Connect wires to new console 6. Press new console into retaining clips 7. Reinstall screws from #2 8. Press in trim pieces from #1 9. Link to home garage doors Was really easy. It's a little odd to have the sunroof and rear window butto
  4. Swapped out the overhead console to one with homelink garage door opener.
  5. A couple weeks ago my daughter told me my truck (2020 LM2, 7k miles) was "dripping" going down the driveway. I figured she was talking AC condensation but got out and looked anyway. There was a trail of oil going down the street, the entire underside of the truck was coated and a puddle quickly formed underneath. I knew it was clean that morning as I washed it. No CEL yet but with no oil registering on the dipstick I threw a pan under it and called the dealer to pick it up. Got a call at the end of the day it was the rear main seal. Took about a week as the timing cover was on back order but
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