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  1. Got everything swapped out yesterday, haven't had a chance to load up the bed yet and see if that noise is gone but I still do get the clunk when shifting into D. Doing some more research seems it may be an issue with the slip yoke needing lubed so I'll yank it off again to do that real quick. Thanks for your help, it's appreciated!
  2. Spare has good pressure and is secure. I did notice shifting R>D with my foot on the brake I get a knock sound and the truck jumps a bit. I will check for play when I get home, is it supposed to be free at all or should I not be able to move it? Haven't done u joints before. Also if that's the issue is it good practice to replace all 4 at once or just worry about the fronts?
  3. Went out camping last year and almost high centered on a rock, sounded like the bed busted loose but after looking under the truck for a good bit nothing seemed damaged or out of place. Now I'm noticing anytime I have more than a couple hundred pounds in the bed I'm hearing a knocking sound anytime I turn left or go over bumps/rough road. Sounds like it's coming from the back of the cab or front of the bed but I can't really identify it. Any help would be appreciated.
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