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  1. Good luck! I was informed that my order will not be processed. I ordered a regular cab, stripped down work truck on Feb. 8th
  2. I placed my order for a GMC 2500 Sierra, 4X4 Regular cab long bed 13 weeks ago. GMC has Yet to accept my order.. "Order has been submitted by your dealer but has not officially been accepted by GM at this time".. Guess GM does not want my money.
  3. The GMC chat says the order has been submitted by dealer, but has not officially been accepted by GM at this time... I placed my order on 2/8/21 and was told at that time it would be about 10-12 weeks... since order has not been accepted by GM does this mean another 10-12 week wait??
  4. It has been 13 weeks since dealer placed my order for a 2500 4X4 Sierra with still no target production date. Don't know if it because of the chip shortage or since I ordered an odd ball truck.. Ordered a stripped down truck. Only options was the aluminum wheels, cruise control and clearance lights
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