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  1. Look into GoRhino stuff. They have a few models that don't drop to much...so you don't lose ground clearance and they have rugged black coatings on them.
  2. On my 2021 3.0 Duramax RST 6.6 bed I have them set up at 2" setting in the front and I have a 1.5" block kit on the back...and after 20.000km ......I have a bit less than 1" rake.
  3. Just added the Rough Country Dual 10in LED grill kit and the Rough Country 3-inch LED Lower Windshield Ditch Kit Wide Angle Osram. The Osram ones are awesome.....super bright.
  4. Hello. I have a 2021 RST with the Blind Sport detection , no surrounding view( no cameras in the morrors) and also with the extra lights on the front of the regular mirrors and I was thinking of installing some towing mirrors from like the 1500/2500/3500....I don't really want to lose the blind spot option but the 1500/2500/3500 that have the blind spot in them have also the cameras in them. I was wondering if anyone knows if those mirrors will fit ....I don't really care they have the cameras in them thta I will not use. They are pretty expensive to buy and test... because my dealership will not refund men if they don't work. If anyone has done thie upgrade or know some info on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thx.
  5. If you go through the process of changing them try the following ones. They are nice and a bit different... https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-forged-tow-hook-rs132.html I have them on my RST.
  6. Rear AT4/Trail Boss - B8 5100 Series 0-1″ Lift Rear (24-309516) Front AT4/Trail Boss - B8 5100 Series 0-1.1″ Ride Height Adj Front (24-309509) This is what you need if you want t8 change the rancho's in a AT4 or Trail Boss.
  7. B8 5100 Series 0-1.1″ Ride Height Adj Front (24-309509)
  8. Hello. I did replace my tow hooks with the Rough Country ones in a 2021 Rst Duramax. Too much to type so...Watch this video and where the guy gets defeated by the bolt....you take a Saw Saw with a metal blade...cut that bolt that can't be taken out and then on re-install you just purchase a similar bolt and feed it from the other side. It's a time consuming..knuckle busting job but it can be done. Passenger side it's easy no cutting involved. Good luck.
  9. All my mods to date are: - Front 2" lift from bilstein 5100 shocks. - Rear 1.5" lift kit from Rancho( that came with bump stops extenders also) plus 5100 shocks. - Go Rhino Dominator D6 side steps. - 20x9 Fuel Nitro +18 with 275 60r20 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac (33" tall). - Front and rear Gator Back mud flaps that also came with the front fender plugs color match with the truck. - Rough Country forget tow hooks in RED ( for the extra 10hp gain..). - BAK Bakflip Mx4 tonneau cover. - Blacked out all badges using old trusted PlastiDip+Plasti Dip Glosifier. - painted the exhaust tips black with engine block high temperature paint. -AVS glue on bug deflector in gloss black. - changed the front RST grill with a all black Trail Boss grill. - removed the front bumper air-dam for better ground clearance. - Camo Trail Boss decals on the bed.
  10. I did mine without removing the side steps because of the blind spot sensors. I used a 10 mm wrench like the one in the pictures and went 1/2 thread at a time. It can be done but it's time consuming. And also done forget to paint the bolts clips because if you let them unpainted they will be visible on top of the black tips. Good luck and watch out for your knuckles....hahaha.
  11. No blocks on mine. The spring where sitting on the axle directly. I purchased the rear lift separately. https://www.4wheelparts.ca//p/rancho-1-5-inch-rear-lift-block-kit-rs70302/_/R-BCKM-RS70302 This is the kit I used. I like this because it also comes with aluminum bump-stop extenders. I know you can find many no-name options on Amazon/Ebay but I was thinking to go with a known brand just for piece of mind.
  12. I hope this helps. The second picture is with the height of the from driver side. Keep in mind my tires actually measure 33" tall. They are the 275 60r20, oem size for the 20" rim. The oem duratrac that come with the 18" trail boss rims are 275 65r18 ( 32" tall), so depending on your setup it might be a bit different. I still have around 1" of rake(back is higher)...I actually didn't want it level because I am towing a small 20ft toy hauler for camping. The rake is not very noticeable I think maybe because mine is with the crew cab and standard bed..so it's a bit longer....
  13. Yep....what makes a Trail Boss a Trail Boss? 2 inch lift - checked...with way better shocks. Z71 package- checked. Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac ( mine are 33 tall with the snow flake. The factory duratrac's are actually 32 tall and no snow flake)- checked. Off Road Rims - checked. No air-dam on front bumper - checked. Red Tow-Hooks ( for the extra 10hp gain ) - checked. Black Front Grill with Z71 badge- checked. And I think the Duramax is a better option engine wise...but that's my personal opinion...hihihihi... So actually mine is a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Trail Boss RST - Special Edition ....
  14. I only saved more than 10k on going with this option instead of the AT4 with the Duramax.
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