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  1. The second photo looks like a knock sensor connector. The third photo looks like a knock sensor. Not sure of the first photo...sorry Update: After some research the first picture is an air injection solenoid from the looks of it.....the broken plastic line is a hard vacuum line andcan be sourced from a parts store
  2. if you don't mind doing the work, you can get weld in bungs from motion raceworks or any other aftermarket parts distributor
  3. I have a 1993 GMC C3500 7.4L manual trans with running issues. When the engine is cold the truck has a rough idle and revs up and down. When the truck has warmed up it idles fine just a little low around 350 RPM. When in the driveway it revs to redline fine with no issue. Once the trans is put into gear, the engine will idle fine but as RPMs approach 1000 the engine starts to stumble, loose power, and begins to pop through the exhaust. Parts I have replaced: distributor ( came with new cap, rotor, and ICM) fuel filter fuel pump strainer IAC valve MAP se
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