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  1. There are two separate issues. 1. Camshaft position sensor reluctor wheel bent. 2. Camshaft position sensor shim installed. The TSB on either requires removal of camshaft cover. It is my understanding that the shim addition is added if the camshaft reluctor replacement does not fix the problem. The cab off procedure makes it easier to work on the engine. It is not mandatory.
  2. This is a second TSB regards the camshaft timing sensor. The first which was previously for the replacement of the reluctor wheel, which involved extensive work to complete. This new one dated Aug 16 is to have a .5in or 5mm shim installed behind the sensor itself. It appears to be the fix for those of us who developed the same long crank/no start problem after the camshaft sensor reluctor wheel was replaced the first time. img20210827_08272025.pdf
  3. I would love to know who supplied all these reluctor wheels. I can't believe that even the replacement wheels are ben also. They must not have any QC at GM at all.
  4. The truck is assembled there, but the engine is from Flynt. Who knows where the engine camshaft sensor reluctor comes from.
  5. I believe the 3.0 diesel is only built at the Flynt Michigan plant.
  6. Currently in litigation with GM. I requested full refund+rental+time and inconvenience+attorney fees.
  7. Hopefully, you don't have a defective camshaft position reflector.
  8. I believe that the CPU also looks for the proper voltage before initiating a start confirmation. Any place there is a loose connection their could be a voltage drop when trying to start. Battery, fuse block, etc.
  9. No I did not see a check engine light, it appears GM may have a problem with the high pressure fuel pump in addition to the bent camshaft position reluctors and fuse box problem. I was told by a very good GM diesel mechanic that the pump pressure is 36,000 PSI to the injectors. The CPU requires 8,000 PSI and 4 engine revolutions to confirm sufficient fuel in the rail. The CPU will shut down the ignition after the 4th rotation but the engine will continue to crank until it times out at bout 9 seconds. I assume by that time there is enough fuel in the injector rail to allow for a start for the s
  10. I would humbly suggest you look at the Magnusson-Moss Federal Warranty Act, it is significantly more beneficial to you then any state Lemon Law.
  11. They did a diagnostic first then did a bore scope inspection without removing cab first. Once it was determined the reluctor was bent they initiated the repair.
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