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  1. Does anyone happen to know the part numbers for the BCM - X5 (Brown) connector? I have the OEM part# (13826916) and Service part# (13576034), but expect the connector to be TE or JST but cannot find the part numbers or for that matter the connectors in any fashion. I want to make or purchase a pigtail extension with male/female connectors, so I don't have to cut any wires to make some changes. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, JT
  2. Newdude and Another JR, Thanks for the more technical response to my inquiry. I did not intend to confuse the question by mentioning the California DOT requirements but that was suggested only to consider the possibility that the markers may be disabled by coding or it may be simply that California does not allow the option to be sold in state. I did not want to get into the reason I wish to do this and was intending to focus on the how, where I fully expected this to be a simple exercise of replacing the fuse and/or relay with a contact extension, with a switch in series, to allow the option to be selected when desired from inside the cab and not making any permanent modifications to the vehicle. I do have the schematic but cannot for the life of me, find the fuse (F34UA) or the relay (KR53) under the hood so I must at this point assume I'm blind, but if anyone can take a picture of the box showing either of these devices, that would be most helpful. Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions to date and I look forward to any additional feedback possible. JT
  3. Thanks guys for the reply, but was looking for a solution to turn them off when necessary but not permanently. It seems odd that there is little reference in the manuals or schematics referencing a fuse or relay for these things. The come on at dusk when auto is selected so there must be a relay connected to them, or at least a fuse that can be pulled. In the schematic "Sierra 2500HD Body Builder" there is a reference to a relay KR53 but I do not see this referenced in any fuse/relay box. Oh well, I will keep digging until I find it.
  4. I have searched this forum and Googled myself to death and have not found the right words to get any results to suggest which relay or fuse is used disable the amber cab marker lights. I would like to put a separate relay or simply a switch in series with the fuse to be able to darken all the amber marker (mirrors included if possible). California says it's illegal to run these cab markers and want to be able to selectively turn them off. I have not been able to simply identify the relay which controls the markers at dusk, suggesting a relay is in the circuit somewhere and controlled by one of the computers. If anyone has any information how to do this it would be appreciated. Thanks, JT
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