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  1. Totally understand - just had trouble as a few other guys said with just having a lapbelt only for the middle seat. After a few days removed from the post - I can say that it was just a few holes that had to be drilled so really not much to it at all. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew it could be done!
  2. Hey guys - I am new to this forum (so far only Yukon XLs since I have 4 kids) & about to get a 2019 2500HD and try to swap the center console (at least for a few years) to do the 2020 center jump seat that has the shoulder belt with it from a 2020 1500. But before I go and spend the money on this truck trusting Zachary (who by the way convinced me this is possible) - has anyone else successfully completed this that could share any pitfalls or yourself Zachary? For you Zachary - I have read this multiple times over and to summarize - once you took everything out, the new seat lined up with the existing bolt holes perfectly once you drilled the two holes with the red arrows above? Just making sure before I go and sign my next 5 years away on this 2500HD!! Thanks again for the detailed pictures - its folks like you that help out so much on these forums.
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