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  1. Yes The bolts lined up. The USB that is in the back of the jump seat has the same pigtail wiring as my console had so that was pretty plug and play. I run the USB cord for my phone from the back of the jump seat up to my phone which works fine as long as it doesn't get kicked by the rear passengers. Also the little ashtray style filler in the dash went in just fine too. If the color were a better match you'd be hard pressed to tell it wasn't all like this from the factory. We just got back from a labor day weekend trip with all 6 and the seat worked great for my 8 year old daughter.
  2. I had 35/12.5r20 Toyo R/T's on my '15 HD and they sucked. I also felt while they looked good, the 12.5 width was a sacrifice in drivability. I had 305/55r20 on that truck first (hankook RT10's) and they drove and rode much better @ 12.3" width. As far as Toyo's my R/T's on anything slightly wet slid all over. I'm talking paved roundabout. I think it was the compound. Or the sipeing or lack of it? I didn't want to go toyo again so I went with the Falken Wildpeak's this time. 295/60r20. Only a couple hundred miles so far so not much of an opinion yet but I'm happy with the noise level. I also think that 34" tall and 11.75" width is a good place to shoot for bigger looks with decent ride and handling. That said, it does take turbo diesel torque to turn these pigs and your MPG's will drop 1 or 2.
  3. Well it’s late but I’ll clarify a little real quick. No the vents don’t work. The 2019 exits are still under the driver and pass seats. Which works fine. As far as the 12v cig and USB ports on the back side. Those will be fairly easily connected to the wiring from the console. I did loose the subwoofer but otherwise the rest should be able to relocate. I’m still waiting for the dash filler piece. I’ll put one of the usb and the 110v outlet in there. I’ll try to follow up when I get more done. Here’s a couple more pics with red marked to show the drilling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It does fit. Just thought I’d share for those who find this thread and wonder in the future. I was pleasantly surprised that the main mount holes were only off about 1/2” so after drilling new holes on the raised truck floor for the aligning pins to drop into the 4 main 15mm mount bolts worked out fine. Word to the wise though. Get black because the dune color does not match. Having a safe place for my kids to ride far outweighs the color clash. I’ll put the console back in when I no longer require 6 seats. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. What’s the plan for the missing carpet where the console was?
  6. What a joke gm wont let us family of 6 guys order a nice truck with the 60/40 front. Very stupid business! I was trying to build one one the web site and if you add anything cool it gives you that stupid “must remove 60/40 bench seat” message ? I’m a die hard gm guy but that’s idiotic
  7. I just put a deposit on one @ 12,000 off the MSRP. The best deals I found shopping were $13,000 off the sticker but most were in the 9,000-12000 off MSRP. There is a 4000 customer cash rebate a $750 if you have another gm (loyalty discount) and then the dealers where taking off another 4-7,000.... Like I said the one I'm picking up next week was 12k off which made it a no brainer over a low mile used truck. If hes willing to travel he should be able to do better.
  8. Here's my fourwheelcamper a couple years ago. Great adventure Combo
  9. Ok so I much prefer the 2019 body style so I’ve elected to buy a leftover 19 Sierra hd. So the problem is I have 4 kids and need the front bench. I bought a truck with a console knowing that that cont be switched to a jump seat easily. Here’s where it gets complicated. My wife has found that the jump seat I. These trucks is lap belt only and is fittingly termed the “death seat” by all the mothers out there...... wouldn’t you know that Chevy finally caught Ford and added the shoulder belt in ‘19 half tons and 2020 HD’s. Looking at the two on ebay it looks like the mounting is very similar. Can anyone tell me if I can put a new jumpseat with the shoulder belt in my 19 body truck?
  10. The fuelmileage is off by less than 10%. I checked my odometer with the Garman GPS it was off 12 miles in 2000. Also my speedometer is dead on at every radar trap I drive through and my GPS Yes it's a little high bet I hand calculate every tank and it's never more than 2 mpg high Also IF the big tire size slowed my odometer it would make my mileage look worse than it actually is so you have that backwards. but like I said my odometer and speedometer are both good. So......no dice Ps I'm not a retard and a used talk to text when I drive so sorry For the jiberish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I honestly can't imagine being any happier this truck after one year of ownership! Thanks gmc! Doing 78- 80mph across Iowa 550hp ppei, air dog g2 and down pipe back age. Also HEAVY 305/50-20 ha kooks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have the husky. They're all way over priced, but it does the job. Fit is perfect on my 2015hd crew Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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