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  1. As was mentioned earlier, PlayStation Vue looks interesting. You do not need a PlayStation to use it but will need some type of streaming device. The Roku and Chrome dongle will work or any device you have that can be streamed to your TV. The DVR is cloud based and requires no extra equipment. No contract and you buy a package similar to cable. The cheapest package is $29.99 and the most expensive is $64.99 and includes 90 channels with all of the ESPNs along with HBO and Showtime. The site showed only one of my local channels but the antenna will handle that as long as I don't want to record something that comes OTA. I suspect some other streaming services will offer similar packages sooner or later but just saving the equipment costs is a plus. Mike
  2. We still have cable but I installed an OTA antenna last summer for a back up. Most of our local channels come from a tower field about 40 miles away. We have both UHF and VHF stations. I bought the stacker antenna from these guys. It's basically a UHF and VHF antenna stacked on top of one another. http://dennysantennaservice.com/hd_stacker_tv_antenna-html.html. BTW, these seem to be on sale now at $30 less than I paid. I installed the antenna in the attic and just hung it from the rafters. We receive everything just fine. Even if you buy your antenna elsewhere, they have some good info about different types of antennas, amplifiers and installation. Mike
  3. Sit down with your contractor and you can both put your cards on the table. If it's time for either of you to move on do it. Better now than wait for more surprises at the end. If your contractor has a good reputaion and has been in business for any time at all, he's been down this road before. I suspect things can be worked out and more communication in these situations is usually better than less. Mike
  4. My son just bought an '08 Z71 Vortec Max. What exactly is this truck? It has all the bells and whistles with LTZ trim and console. I didn't know the 6.0 was available with AFM but that's what's in it. Is there anything else different about this truck. I will say it is pretty nice. Mike
  5. I always thought the Dodge Magnum looked pretty good. Mike
  6. Cheaper to just replace the molding. You can order your color by part number. Mike
  7. I bought the NEOs also. The two tone gray style. Honestly I don't remember which # set I bought . Looking at the link, I think the -21 is for the jump seat with the open top and two cup holders. Neither section opens. I think the -23 is for the jump seat that opens and has the bottom section storage that also opens. My original jump seat was the open style and the seat cover for the top of the jump seat was pretty worthless. I later switched the jump seat to the style that opens. I just used the original bottom cover for lower (seat) part on the new jump seat. Here's a pic. They've been on about three years now. Mike
  8. I put the grey/black Fia brand in my '13 2500. Same front seat config as yours but a reg cab. They are vinyl on the seat and back only and some kind of cloth on the sides. They were fairly cheap but seem to be holding up well. Mike
  9. If you got 70K out of those and didn't have any issues I believe I'd put the same tires back on. All the tire manufactures claim the lifespan of the tires to be 6 or 7 years no matter the tread life so you're there already. Mike
  10. One thing I've noticed about the new Defenders is that they will pick up and throw some pretty good sized rocks. With over 1/2" between the rows of tread you can get some big stones stuck in there. When they fly out and hit the rockers you can really hear it. I don't know what happens to the guy behind me. Mike
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