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  1. hi, having remanufactured tranny put in truck, was quoted 3k to have it done want to know if that is reasonable, not sure
  2. thanks swathdriver gives me a place to start
  3. finally got back to checking out truck, engine light now on, p2771 code on, says something about 4wd low switch circuit, have no idea what to check, just want to eliminate what i can before taking to mechanic, any help would be appreciated
  4. thanks, checked it after i posted, it is low , waiting for wife to bring some home will let you know, thanks again
  5. hi everyone, new to this site, i have a 2009 chevy silverado 1500 5.3l v8 auto, starts fine, idle fine in park, problem is when driving rpms will spike set cruise at 60mph, everything fine for about 6 miles then rpms just shot up over 3000, took it out of cruise but still had issue, got it back home having to go approx. 45mph, every time i gave it gas rpms would go wild, no codes or check engine light appears, took it for another ride to see if it would repeat issue and now just accelerating causes rpms to surge, would like any input on what the issue could be
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