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  1. Looks like I will have to figure it out on my own then! haha
  2. I ordered a 2022 Silverado 2500HD Custom on August 15th. I selected essentially every package that is available on the Custom. It was built the week of September 27th and was delivered October 4th.
  3. So I ordered a 2022 2500 Custom with every option I could pick. But unfortunately a power drivers seat was not an option if I wanted to get the rear seats with storage and center arm rest. With kids I had to get give up on the power seat so they could have the cup holders and storage. So has anyone added the power base to their drivers seat? I've looked at all the parts lists but I'm not 100% sure which combinations of parts I need. I have no reservations about doing the work I just wanted to know if anyone had done it before. Thanks. I have a delivery date so I'm excited to get the truck!
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