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  1. Newly leased. Damaged in July 2021 accident. AAA Insurance adjustor said it needs new frame part, however frame part is NA and now being changed over per GM SPAC Details; Part 84763246 is being replaced by Part 85003934. Dealership Collision Manager says case has been escalated for resolution. Checked with dealership and repair window is pushed back, again, allegedly until month end (Sept 30th 2021) however the collision manager says his supplier rep has no idea when part will be available. I'm making monthly lease payments and insurance coverage on a vehicle sitting out in the elements with zero time frame for repairs and return. Since this is a lease vehicle and will be resold, thoughts on requesting truck replacement for same or lesser value under the remains lease agreement. Residual on trucks is certainly much higher than autos and dealership will probably come out ahead. I'm not keen on waiting forever after seeing the other owner comments on this forum site with parts and repair delays they are experiencing. Suggestion are greatly appreciated.
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