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  1. After digging into this (literally drilled a hole in the plastic and put a camera in there) a bit more... It turns out my blend door broke. It's got 2 flaps on the door, and the one that blocks off the A/C side is broken. It will move partially, but as soon as I turn the fan up, it flops closed. I can push it back open with a screw driver, but it doesn't open all the way with the actuator shaft... Just my luck, a $47 part, but who knows how much labor to r & r it.
  2. I know this subject has been covered many times, many ways. But let me explain... This was at first an intermittent issue. I'd remote start my truck at work, come out to cool AC blowing. Insert the key and it would start blowing warm air. I get home, shut the truck off. Come back out in 10-15 minutes and start the truck and it would blow cold as ICE! Now its not intermittent. So I checked the drivers side temp actuator, low and behold its not moving with temp change. I pulled it off the door shaft and manually move the door, and when I move it manually, the temp changes from hot to luke warm, while the passenger side is blowing coooold. So I figure, maybe I can't move the door by hand and completely seal the door to cold? I took the actuator apart this morning and the motor did look to have a little corrosion on it. Thought it may be bad? Put 5v on the motor and it spun just fine. pulled the gear out and cleaned the contacts on the board. as they were full of grease. Pulled the HVAC fuse and re-installed the motor. Turned the key on and I could feel the actuator do it's re-learn process, but still blowing warm on the drivers side, cold on passenger. Any ideas?? I'd appreciate the advice!
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