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  1. UPDATE #3 Got the truck back. Dealer looks to have done a good job as far as the repair and the truck drives great. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a bit until the truck earns a history of reliability - but the fingers will be crossed with a smile on my face cause it drives great when it's working.
  2. I am not frustrated with length of time - it will take what it takes. I am frustrated with unmet commitments. The SA relayed no parts delays or issues with the repair have extended the repair past their commitment, that would be understandable - just the tech “taking his time”. I work in one of those fields severely affected by supply chain constraints, I know how it goes. I also know, it does not relieve me from meeting my commitments, if I can’t meet those commitments - a legitimate reason is required to maintain a happy customer. Taking my time would not qu
  3. Update #2 After coming to an agreement on repairs, service advisor committed to truck being ready for pickup on Thursday. Got text Thursday afternoon - not ready. Will be done Friday. Get a text Friday AM confirming truck will be ready for pickup. Call 3PM - truck won’t be ready, will be done Sat. Is this stuff normal ? I have not had my car in a dealer shop in probably 10 years… and never a Chevy dealer. Is this the level of service that should be expected. Another day of driving my POS 122HP Nissan something rental. WTF.
  4. UPDATE Service Manager called and relayed GM agreed to conduct the repair on my truck in-line with the prior service directive for this issue, so all 16 springs will be replaced and the dealer will carry out repairs exactly as would have been done for the vehicles in the acknowledged date range. He also said the the power train warranty on the truck will be extended to 100K miles. We are back on path to having this resolved to my satisfaction.
  5. What I want: 1. Follow the same repair procedure that would have been carried out for the acknowledged build dates with the issue - it is clear that although my build dates fall outside the acknowledged dates, the issue persists - Replace all valve springs as detailed in PIP5752M (and maybe investigate the scope of the issue and if the bulletin dates need to be reassessed) 2. Perform leakdown, compression and inspection of the oil filter to assure no peripheral damage occurred from the valve spring failure. That’s it…
  6. Well - since this issue is widely known, and the guidance under PIP5752M was to replace all springs - I expect them to replace all springs. That was the guidance when GM still acknowledged this to be an issue - I don’t think that just because GM has decided to not acknowledge the issue still exists, my truck should be treated differently for the repair process. Failure mode same, repair the same way. What would you accept on a truck with 200 miles ?
  7. SA confirmed broken valve spring CYL 4 and they are planning to only replace the broken spring. Not happy and will be working to get some satisfaction here.
  8. Got a service advisor (not mine, she’s MIA) to give me an update - Tech’s requesting Valve Spring(s)… he could not confirm one or all - it better be all. Will provide additional info as I get for any other unfortunate souls in this position. BTW - my build date is 7/15/21 which falls well outside the scope of GM issued technical bulletins on this issue with the most recent doc I have seen, dated 6/1/21 saying affected dates being between 7/1/20 and 12/16/20…
  9. I don’t believe it’s the lifter - I think it’s a valve spring. The attached was issued in JUN https://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/knowledgebase/print-1518.html
  10. I took delivery the day it hit the dealer lot, had a deposit on it for a month or so waiting for the dealer to receive it. I am looking forward to hearing what the dealer who is doing the diagnostics reports back tomorrow. I'll keep hoping for something minor, but I am really not expecting good news. Plan for the worst hope for the best, right...
  11. Me too brother - I'm pretty jacked up about the whole thing.
  12. Picked up my 21 LT TB 6.2 on Wednesday night, put maybe 170 miles on it and upon start up this AM was greeted with slightly rough running which transitioned to PO106, PO300 and PO506 and the truck refusing to run. Based on the symptoms and the sound while attempting to crank, like it was down compression in at least one hole - I’m betting on a valve spring. Obviously, a down new truck is a bummer. I’ll be putting around the forums here looking for some other sob stories to make me feel better. If the experienced guys here have any input or think my issues may be less severe - w
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