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  1. I ended up just using large fender washers in the locations where the oval holes and used the GMC Anchors in other designated locations. It was too bulky to use the GMC Anchors to mount the Bed Buddy but it is nice and secure with the fender washers. Thanks!
  2. I would like to use the 4 pack to mount the bed buddy. I want to fortify the front of the bed as it currently bends when placing bikes against the front. Thanks. I have the bed buddy and the 4 pack of the GM accessory tie downs currently. Just trying to figure out the best mounting point and options. THanks!
  3. The CCR Bed Buddy is correct. The front of the bed is where I am looking to install. I mainly want it for the wheel chocks and the structural integrity. I just cant decide to attempt the install in the top of the rail where the three oval holes are utilizing the GMC Butterfly backs from their tie down anchors with different bolts or to add it below the lip but above the GMC logo with the standard mounting bolts etc. Thanks! I typically haul two dirt bikes and do not want my only option to be corner tie.
  4. Been looking at the best way to mount my bed buddy in my my new truck. Has anyone used the GMC tie down anchor points? Or figured out a good install location? Thanks. Have a few ideas I’m working on with CCR as well.
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