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  1. Hi Everyone, I have been reading posts for a while as research but finally joined yesterday. I have a 2018 Z71 Silverado 1500 2LT. I bought it new in June of 2019 within 28 miles on the OD. Since then I have added a Tri-fold tonneau cover, step bars from RC. I put in a puck spacer level from RC but switched this week to an Eibach pro truck kit in combo with Kryptonite UCAs. I put 17x9 moto metal wheels on it with a -12 offset. They are wrapped in General Grabber X3s, red letters out of course. I put a Gibson patriot series exhaust on it within the last year as well. Nice booming cold starts, mellow once warm until I smash the skinny pedal. I still have a couple wants for the truck, a winch set up, black bow ties and a custom tune. My wife has a 2020 trail boss in Shadow Gray Metallic and I look to eventually stuff bigger tires under it along with an Eibach set up as well.
  2. I put my Eibach Stage 1 kit in with Kryptonite upper control arms this week. My Z71 is a 2018 and had the stamped steel arms unfortunately. Once all bolts were torqued and checked I took it on a 3 hour road trip. I hit some very rough roads that previously would of rattled your skull. Now it pleasantly absorbed the hits even in the narly construction zones. This whole ordeal makes me want to invest in a quality wall Mount spring compressor though. I have 3 Silverado’s and all will eventually be on an Eibach set up. I made it work with my simple spring compressor but it was not fun at all. Worth the effort though. I highly recommend this kit for anyone with a small lift with larger tires. I’m running a 295/70/17 General Grabber x3s, 17x9 moto metals with -12 offset. I have tucked the fender(NorCal mod) so that I have zero rub. I kept mine at the 2.5 mark with stock rear blocks. She was a little nose high but is settling to just about level or a smidge nose high.
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