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  1. I appreciate the responses and help from y’all. I can’t get the fuel filter off, the connections have pretty much rusted together. I can hear the fuel pump when I turn the key and I also hear a “clicking” in the fuse box when I actually turn key all the way and that’s the only noises/ reactions that I get. I don’t know for sure if the fuse blew after I installed the new starter but after installed I checked and it was blown, I then replaced it with a new one, tried it once and it also blew. The first time I tried starting it up after I finished installing the new starter it did sound like it was going to turn over but then I heard what sounded to be a metal grinding metal so I turned key off quickly.
  2. Truck began to start taking a few extra seconds to start up, then finally wouldn’t start up on me. Got it jumped first time no problem. Now it won’t start at all. Put in a new battery, alternator and starter and still nothing. The 40amp IGN A fuse blows every time I turn the key. Still getting power, just won’t start. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  3. Ain’t sure if this is the correct place to post this but new to site and couldn’t find correct place to post. been having trouble turning left in my truck. Replaced power steering pump and it didn’t seem to help out much at all. Not the most knowledgeable about working on my truck either but I’ve been slowly trying to teach myself. What else would be recommended for me to look into without blindly buying and replacing things to find issue. Any help is appreciated.
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