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  1. Hopefully it's helpful! I found this 2020 Gas 2500HD High Country CC SB at a local dealership. Heated leather bucket seats, bed liner, sunroof, etc. No 5th wheel prep or tailgate step. 3346# payload capacity.
  2. Thanks, that's about the closest configuration to what I would like to get that I have gotten payload information on! How do you like it? Any complaints or anything you would do differently?
  3. Thanks for clarifying that! Do you know if there is a way to get a close approximate payload for a custom build? I'm honestly surprised that automakers don't have a section for approximate payload in the summary. It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to just add weight numbers to each option on the back end and then show you the approximate calculated payload based on your specific build.
  4. Thanks for the info! I was unaware the mud terrains de-rate the tow. Do you know if that shows up on the door sticker? Based on your followup comment I am assuming so. Do you know how much it hits the payload rating? Because selecting any of those packages in the builder ups the GVWR to 10,650#. Seems odd that it would increase the GVWR and also lower the payload. That really sucks, those tires look great! We're planning on getting a 5th wheel, probably no more than 11,00# GVWR; so we are wanting to hit 3,000# payload capacity.
  5. Can somebody with a loaded 2022 (or 2021) 2500HD 6.6 Gas LT/LTZ (or similar with the options below) post their payload and GVWR? My wife and I are looking at ordering a loaded 2022 gas 2500HD LT with the Z71 sport package, convenience and safety packages, 5th wheel package, leather bucket seats, sunroof, extra altnernator/battery, etc (pretty much every box checked). The GVWR will be 10,6500#'s, and I'm guessing with it fully loaded it will probably have a payload around 3,100? But I'm curious if anyone already has one or at least very similar what your payload ended up being. Thanks!
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