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  1. Yeah see I’m guessing it has to do with all the shitty suspension these trucks have. I’ll have to tighten up all those bolts then and i already have some rough country shocks and struts on the way for the front because I feel those pretty bouncy and the strut springs tend to squeak pretty loud on speed bumps. The jerking and transmission slipping hasn’t happened anymore which is weird at all the past days but today literally only on left turns the transmission slips in 2nd gear. A neighbor with a similar gmc told me his did the same thing when the transmission heated up to operating temp and he just took it in a for a transmission fluid change and that cured the problem. Also he claimed that he had the same vibrations as well. He said he put all new shocks and struts, new tires and did a 4 wheel alignment and that took care of his vibration problem.
  2. Damm man sorry to hear that it sucks having to deal with stuff like this and the dealerships saying “everything is normal” when clearly it’s not. I’ll have to check my rotors as well maybe that could be causing my vibration because I know when you have warped rotors at highway speeds that can cause some vibration.
  3. Yes exactly like it shifts good no matter what but it’s those low gears or gear that it jerks a bit coming to a stop or it tends to slip at times
  4. Awesome Jim thanks, I’ll have to take it in forsure!
  5. Thanks for the input Jim, to check the TC is there a procedure or certain test to do on it or would I have to take it to the dealer or a shop to do a diagnostic?
  6. It has 77,000 miles I have been reading everywhere that apparently that’s normal even if they’re brand new off the lot..
  7. Hey guys, I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 5.3 v8 and lately it’s been vibrating a lot in the cab going 70mph and above. It has some decent tires on balanced and rotated recently and it only helped a bit but still does it pretty bad. AND what I’m most worried about is when I’m coming close to a complete stop as the transmission downshifts there’s a pretty bad jerk from like 2nd to 1st gear. I also noticed it slips in that same gear change when driving and I don’t know why but only when I turn left it always slips or jerks when it does that gear change as well. Don’t know what to do with this truck anymore. Any input about this?
  8. Same here man this is my first truck and it ran so good the first two weeks I got it and until now all these defects started to pop up. But I really do appreciate the input!
  9. Hey shakenfake, how about for the jerking part? What do you think could be wrong. Today I drove a little farther down the highway and back home and the transmission fluid temps were from 190-198 the whole time. It’d still jerk coming to a complete stop as it geared down. Also when I was parking in reverse at my house, when I switched from Drive to Reverse, it sounded pretty loud making that switch.
  10. Sounds good! Well I tried ordering some OEM ones from online but I called two different dealerships and they gave me two different part numbers. One is 12701381 and the other 12710481 and I only found these two oem injectors so I don’t know which ones would be the ones to work.
  11. Awesome thanks man, I’ll try to get it scanned asap. Am I able to get away with buying injectors from somewhere online? Or do they have to be from the dealer?
  12. Hey what’s up, I just got this 2015 Gmc Sierra 150” with 77k miles. The check engine light P050D Cold start Rough idle keeps coming on. I had changed spark plugs and wires and did oil change and filter and erased the code and hadn’t came on anymore. But today it came back again. Also I’m not sure if this is related to that but when I’m coming to a stop it seems as if the engine/trans jerks or pulls when shifting down before a complete stop. You can feel the hit when it jerks. And this was happening before the check engine light as well so I’m not sure if those two things are related. It’s a really clean truck and has low miles for it to be acting up and don’t know what to do at this point. Any input would be helpful.
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