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  1. Thank you for your help it’s been very informative
  2. I find it hard to believe that they would “rough in “ the wires behind the “plug” where the OEM controller is mounted but you can’t add the controller added and then flash it to the computer. why would GM waste the money to put the wires there???
  3. Thanks for the updates and information does anyone know if the OEM controller could be wired into the plug provided for the aftermarket controllers ? I know it won’t display in the info center on the dash or work with/through the computer but would it work as an “aftermarket “ controller?
  4. I’m purchasing a 2020 Silverado, it says it has the towing package ive seen videos of people installing the OEM brake controller but the dealer I’m buying from says it will not work unless it’s factory installed the plug in the “hole” were the switch goes has wires connected to it if it has the wires to that location and it has the 7 pin round plug , shouldn’t it be ready for the controller to be installed?? 3 different dealers and none seem to know everyone says must use an aftermarket controller
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