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  1. First off this is kind of a two part question. I’m currently in the process of rebuilding a LS7 that I bought for my 04 Silverado prerunner. When I bought the motor I was told it was stock. I’m building the top end before installing it in the truck. After opening it up I noticed that it’s pretty clean inside which is comforting. I started pulling pushrods and quickly realized COMP isn’t stock Then I pulled the cam and realized it’s not stock either so my build quickly slowed down trying to figure out what had already been modified. I’ve replaced the cam with a TSP 3.2 cam and I have BTR .660 springs to put in it. I haven’t figured out of the current valvetrain is upgraded. My two questions are does anyone have the specs on the ADR7 LS7? Second, should the wear on these lobes worry me as far as lifters go? I do isn’t want to pull the heads off I didn’t have to but I also don’t want to kick the can down the road for another tear down.
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