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  1. have a 2018 silverado stock suspension. I love the way this truck rides and drives. rides better than cars that have been in the family the last 50 years. would a three inch front rear suspension lift change that?
  2. 74*. ac off. rec off. both sides set to 74* altho right now, the auto button on pass side might be saying auto light on. will have to double check that later when i driving.
  3. with temps 40-50`s with the hvac set to manual, on a sunny day with lots of sun on windshield and dash, my floor heat turns to cool. I love warm air on my feet until temps get well into the 70`s. this is a 2018 sil with auto climate control. Oh, lol, i can push the fan button to off and have no air anywhere. Is this normal or am i not understanding the owner manual? I did read that the little thingy in middle of dash board controls the hvac.
  4. would it be safe to store the jumper cables there and keep them off the back seat floor?
  5. I meant to say is the .2 short miles the result of the tire change.
  6. 2018 silverado came with 255/75/17 tires. I had walmart put on 275/75/17`s goodyear wranglers. I am .2 miles short at each mile marker. Walmart being careful said the new tires were within their specifications for the truck. Is the .2 short miles the result of the mile change. What does this do to the hand calc mpg figuring?
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