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  1. looking for some oem wheels or rims, could be factory ones 18’s or 20’s. preferred local area. MA or CT. thanks word bank: gm, gmc, silverado, sierra, chevy, tahoe, suburban, yukon, ss, denali
  2. i guess i found my truck’s broadcast code sheet and the part # is 15109400 for the driveshaft. thank you guys i really appreciate your help.
  3. does anyone knows what that means. at my local dealer nobody knew. i was trying to get the rear driveshaft part #. but it came up with two different ones. part # 15109400 w/broadcast code nk7 & # 22845686 w/broadcast code pl4. no one knew what “w/broadcast code” is or was, or where to find that code on the truck. thanks
  4. i'm looking for a single silverado ss chrome center cap. please post or send front & back photos of the center cap. please let me know price + shipping charges to chesapeake, va. 23320 thank you in advance.
  5. i need help id the autograph on the hat, could be racing trucks as well. Thank you...
  6. i have a 2005 silverado with 5.3L engine and the P0049 code came up. i would like to know the acdelco part number for the evap purge valve or evaporative emission canister solenoid. thanks.
  7. Hello Guys! I'm wondering if "we" file a complaint at Federal Trade Commission and NHTSA against the manufacturer of the cylinder heads probably we can get these trucks fixed by GM. The NHTSA can force manufacturers to issue recalls. I believed enough complaints can get these trucks fixed. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/index.xhtml https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted?NextQID=231&Url=%23%26panel1-8
  8. http://thebige.ntelligentsystems.com/ns/calendar/ViewEvent.asp?EventId=386
  9. http://thebige.ntelligentsystems.com/ns/calendar/ViewEvent.asp?EventId=357
  10. http://magicsanta.ca/homepage.html http://www.noradsanta.org/
  11. Why the rear brake drums overheat? I replaced them, they not even adjusted and still overheat. I do have aftermarket brake shoes and drums and nothing is grinding or making any noise inside the rear drums. Thanks
  12. JL4 was not an option on any GM pickup truck until 2007 current body style therefore, you don't have it. ACDelco Parts Catalog PAD KIT-FRT DISC BRK Part Number: 171-0974 = 25910431 Product Notes: Front Disc Brake Pad Kit Crew Cab; 7, 000 Lb Vac Power Brk (JF3); Except Active brake control, (JL4) Ext Cab; 6, 400 Lb Vac Power Brk (JF7); Except Active brake control, (JL4) Reg cab; 6, 400 Lb Vac Power Brk (JF7); Except Active brake control, (JL4) Per Vehicle: 1; Years: 2005-2005 PAD KIT,FRT DISC BRK Part Number: 171-0975 = 19257667 Product Notes: Front Disc Brake Pad Kit Crew Cab; 7, 000
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