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  1. Nevermind - I got it. Wireless charging is installed. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. So I've run into a snag. It looks like I don't have the additional ground point in my truck. I'm not sure what the two bolts are on the top left and if they are supposed to be additional ground points. I can't get a reading with them on my meter. I'm not sure if its just paint that needs removing. Any ideas?
  3. Ok I bailed on this....so many things I got wrong . F34 is not switched so don't use it. Also, I had general concerns about actually hooking up the 12v accessory and charger on the same circuit without starting a fire. I think I'm going to follow Brian's instructions for the charger here: And (eventually) run a second circuit for the 12v outlet.
  4. I ordered the following GM parts: 84482761 - wiring harness 25774623 - 12v accessory plug 84166962 - plug cover I also ordered the Boost wireless charger for my vehicle (2020 Silverado Custom with jump seat). The GM parts are due to arrive tomorrow (5/16) and I already have the charger. I'm guessing the wiring harness won't work at this point but I have a plan that I'm going with if thats the case. Please keep in mind this is all from a wiring rookie - so feel free to correct me. Following the idea above about hardwiring the charger, I think I'm going to end up adding a new 12v accessory plug in the rear console (by the heater vents) using an add-a-circuit. There is an existing 15 amp circuit (F34 on the passenger side for my truck) that is used for the cargo lamp. It seems like a safe/non-essential one to use for adding a circuit. Then run wires down the sill, come out by the heating vent and into the jump seat. Once I have the accessory plug in I can just follow the Boost install to put in the charger. This will also allow my to use one of the USB plugs in the accessory sockets for the kids to charge stuff. Only thing I'm not sure about is the boost charger looks like it's expecting a blue wire as well as a live and ground. I *think* this is the accessory plug lighting but not 100% sure. If thats the case, I'll have to leave that unpowered. schematic.pdf
  5. This is a great - thanks! I did talk to the parts desk at the local dealership and he gave me a schematic printout for an LT with the center console wiring. I'm *hoping* it's just a matter of replacing the type of wiring harness used that provides the additional vehicle options. What I don't know is if I will be able to connect it at the dash. I did order one online just to see - if I can't get it to work I'll probably just do what you did.
  6. I know there are similar questions asked all over this forum but I'm having a having a hard time putting all the pieces together. Sorry in advance if this is classed as a duplicate - feel free to point me to an existing thread if appropriate. I have a 2020 Silverado Custom with the center jump seat. Currently, it has the "no storage" seat but I've ordered a replacement and will be adding storage. Ultimately, I'd like to install this wireless charger in my truck: https://boostautoparts.com/products/2019-newer-gm-charging?rq=th_chevy~yr_2020~mk_silverado&variant=42070253600927 In order to do this, I need a 12v outlet in the jump seat which mine does not have. While I'm doing it, I'd also like to get the rear USB's added next to the rear vents so the kids have a place to charge their devices. It would be nice to have data in the USB ports but it's fine if it would be power only. My big question is how do I get power to the jump seat? The custom does not have the harness that runs under the seat - I believe this is GM part #84671378 but I'm not 100% sure. If this is the right part where does it connect (does it plug under the dash or is it wired in directly somewhere)? Thanks in advance, Ian
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