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  1. So today driving home from work. My engine started revving very oddly and then would rev before clunking into gear. I was able to luckily pull into a parking lot nearby. That all happened in less than 30 sec btw. i pull into the parking lot and then i cannot move forward or backward. I get out and transmission fluid is everywhere! A very large amount and inside the engine bay as well. i get it towed home and talked to a buddy. We’re thinking it’s a transmission line since he had something very similar happen to his jeep. i’ve been doing some reading and from what i understand, the trans cooler is part of the AC condensor. Well i just had to have my entire AC system, including condensor replaced less than 2 weeks ago. now i haven’t had a chance to really look at the truck yet since i got it towed home. However am i right to assume there is a good possibility that when the shop replaced my condensor they didn’t hook the trans line up correctly and that is why it leaked everything out? my truck is a 2014 sierra 6.2 with 6L80 btw
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