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  1. Yeah, the thing is, I had a good 4 weeks and even now, it was still working. This just seems like a new issue lol
  2. So the system is not giving any fault codes or warnings but I noticed that the lane keep assist is not working. it’s seeing the car in front of me but not engaging the LKA even though the lane markings are perfectly visible and I know that it works on this road (it actually works all the time when I’m over 30mph, it’s pretty good at detecting lane markings) it didn’t work all day today so I just tried the reset again, and it works fine now… idk what’s going on with this system but it’s weird, always something new.
  3. So I decided to check my ghetto heatsink solution(which made it work for the last two weeks so it does look like it's helping...) When I got in the truck, the temps were at 188 degrees! crazy hot! after 20 minutes of driving, it went down to 105. I'm happy with the results.. Just wanted to keep you guys posted...
  4. Get us service loaners, so we can have the dealership diagnose the issue if customer service is extremely important to you.
  5. Check your settings and make sure that the system is activated. make sure that the system is set to alert and brake. The light is supposed to be on If this setting is switched off.
  6. So I installed the heatsink on the camera, it gets hot and I can definitely feel that it takes heat away from the camera module, which is great. Only time will tell if it helps… looks cool tho
  7. My camera module gets so hot, I can't even touch it for more than a split second... So I ordered an NVME M.2 heatsink, I'll get it soon and see if this might be the issue as I live in the Phoenix area, and it's been 100F+ here every day for the past two months. I can't even imagine how hot the module gets when the truck sits outside for an hour and it's 115 degrees out! Heatsink link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0827PM9VR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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