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  1. I’m away for work but when I get back I’ll have to get underneath it and see if it looks like anything would be getting in the way of the truck side attachments.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I probably won’t be plowing with it this first winter but maybe next once it is broken in and I’m not terrified to put a scuff on it anymore. I will definitely. post of how it handles it.
  3. Hello, started an account here because I read through this thread and found it very informative. Here is my question if anyone wishes to reply or suggest anything. I plow my driveway (just mine) with a 2010 Silverado 4.8 with 120,000 miles. It does a great job, even where I live in Maine where we can really get buried some winters. I kept the 2010 for a plow truck and recently purchased a 2022 2.7 Custom which I absolutely love so far with the 600 miles I’ve put on it. After driving it for a bit now I don’t see why the 2.7 wouldn’t be a good option to use as a plow truck for just a single drive way. Everything I’ve found stated that the 2.7 has more HP and more torque even at lower rpm than the 4.8. Does anyone know why this wouldn’t be a good idea to plow snow with? I’ve scoured the internet and only found one forum where someone put a plow on his but after the initial post and conversation, it hasn’t been updated. Some plow sites say that they don’t have options for turbo engines (eco boost or 2.7 Chevy), but some do. For reference I have a BOSS HTX straight blade that’s about two years old, basically brand new. The only thing that some people mentioned is that the plow may block some air flow that may effect the turbo and cause it to go into limp mode. I’m no expert so any knowledgeable comments to this would be greatly appreciated if there are any other snow plowers lurking on here. Also, I’m averaging 23.5 MPG since I set the trip after leaving the dealership. I’ve seen that that is a common topic on this thread.
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