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  1. Hey so I got a 2017 Sierra Denali 1500 with the 8spd 6.2L 135000km last winter I had over heated my 4x4 and it gave me the 4x4 off message and kicked me out of 4wheel drive. ever since then as soon as or within 5 minutes after I switch to 4x4 and turn off traction control it dings up the 4x4 off message and kicks me out. If I hop out and pull the one stability fuse I can’t quite remember the exact name, and then put fuse back in the 4x4 off message is gone and I can used it with traction off no issue. Even if truck is idle in park it still thinks the transfer case is too hot and dings 4x4 off I Havnt done any tune or messing with the truck’s software and the previous owner works at the gm dealership so I doubt he messed with it also since that incident last winter my governor has changed to 135kmh from the factory 170 or 180 I talked to the dealership and guy there has never heard of this nor could find any information on it. Thought I’d try here to save them wasting shop rates diagnosing it
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