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  1. Got it done last night. I going to add a couple of thing for anyone else who comes across this thread. Here is someone who pulled off the intake. You don't have to and he said that, the only reason he did was for videoing. This help me in seeing how to disconnect the connector without being able to see it. I linked the video at the spot after he has removed the intake. Also, after getting it all installed, the gauged did not register at first. After double checking the connector and that not fixing it, I cleared the codes. The next time I started the gauge started working. Not sure if clearing code would have any effect, I just what I did. I almost wished I would have tried and cleared the code before swapping out the sensor. And last, I found this meme that cracked me up after fighting the sensor behind the intake.
  2. New poster, actually not my truck. While my son-in-law is out of town, I was going to install a starter for him. Driving the truck to my house there was no oil pressure. After watching @carnau video, I have a question on removing the wire connector. The truck is 2012 5.3 LTZ 1500 4wd. First, understandably everyone in their videos can only describes how to pull the clip off. I understand there are two operations. 1. you have to move a clip before you can press and remove the wire connection from the sensor. The video says to squeeze and lift up. Is that the first part? The clip comes up before pulling the wire connection? Here is a zoomed in. Is the white the clip? Or do I have to lift the blue and squeeze the white? I am not visualizing it yet. Since this is a 4wd, I have to climb into the engine bay and trying to get a mental picture since I am old and it is hard.
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