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  1. It’s a little frustrating with the problems with the transmission shop in the Chevy truck that you can’t check your fluid levels. Is there a kit you can buy aftermarket allows you to put a dipstick in or at least change the fluid without going to the dealership? Any information on this would be helpful I’m frustrated by it and looking for a solution!!!
  2. Thanks for the invite. I'm not sure I got to the club for the hundred year truck earners? Maybe you can send me that link again? Love my Chevy it's been a good truck I'm a Chevy loyalist.
  3. Just like you thought the wires at the console hinge drivers side cut the power to the sunroof and rear window and console charger. They installed a 24 " long wiring harness with plugs on both ends and a part # on it plain as day. I have a feeling they knew it was a design flaw!!!
  4. I have no power to the rear window and sunroof they are nor operating. checked all fuses everything looks good any ideas? all other options working as they should be
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