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  1. I have a 2011 chevy silverado 1500 4wd that I recently just replaced a bunch of major suspension components. I replaced the UCA's, LCA's, tie rod ends, and the strut assemblies. I also have a 2inch leveling spacer that sits under the strut assembly on top of the LCA as well as newish sway bar end links that were already installed on the truck with no issues. After I installed the LCA, UCA, etc ... I noticed a minor popping sound that happens when steering at slow speeds and at a stop. It is just one single pop that happens in both directions. Right before I reach the limit of the steering I hear an audible popping/clunking sound coming from the drivers side. I can also feel the slight pop through my feet when sitting in the drivers seat. I do not feel anything through the steering wheel so I would say that would rule out the intermediate shaft or cv axles? I had the truck aligned the day after the install and the popping was happening before an after the alignment. I have also laid under the truck while someone turning the steering wheel back and forth as far as it could go. I did not see or feel any popping on any of the suspension components. I did notice there was some play in the steering rack wheel the wheel was turning, but the steering rack would just move slightly back and forth it was not clunking. I will try to attach some videos I took of the sound. IMG_2169.MOV
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