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  1. Recently got my truck finished with the setup I've been putting off since I got the truck a year ago. Hardest part of the whole ordeal was finding someone to disassemble the struts and reassemble them with the new strut and spring. Ended up using a Jack Tech SK-3000 Strut Spring Compressor my cousin had collecting dust because not a single shop around me would touch them, Don't blame them. To run this suspension I also installed the Dirt King Tubular Upper Control Arms which requires you to cut off the uca bump stop. No issues so far with over extending but I think I'm going to look into installing some limit straps. The tires are a 10 wide made by kenda and they rub a lot backing but do great everywhere else plus I have not done any trimming what so ever. I have a YouTube I'm using for this build as well. https://www.youtube.com/@dhobbsv8/videos Parts List - - SDHQ Skid Plate - Dirt King Tubular UCA - Eibach Pro-Truck Lift System Stage 1 - Baja Designs Fog light kit (NON DOT) - MST Time Attack (Truck) 18x7.5 -12 offset - Kenda Klever 35/10.50
  2. Little bit of progress on my build. Next up is Dirt King tubular upper control arms and Eibach pro stage 1 spring and strut with 2.5" up front.
  3. That's exactly what I'm wanting to run. Probably gunna go with a set of methods
  4. Got everything I need to level my 2017 Silverado 1500. Eibach stage 1 pro truck lift and dirt king upper control arms. I'm having a hard time decided on wheels because on dirt kings site you have to have a max of 4.75" of backspacing, yet when I emailed them they said 4". Also seen a guy on YouTube clear them with the stock 20" wheels with no spacers. I currently have the 18" wheels with 275 bridgestones. I'm not crazy about huge wheels and massive offset and just want to see if anyone else is running Dirt King uppers and can give me some insight.
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