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  1. Yes it does but luckily i had a warranty that covered 100% of it.
  2. I put the stl010 kit in the new 70C thermostat. I heard a few people state that they ordered the new thermostat and they had issues with it reaching 180 to 190 still so as a precaution i put the sure cool kit in the 70C thermostat.
  3. I would considering how many parts gm has replaced with updated part numbers. People are talking about how good the sure cool parts work and so far so good for me. I ordered the new valve the sure cool kit and the valve gasket all for around $140. I took the new unit apart and all it had inside was the plunger no spring no bearing. If you have a little extra cash then buy the new valve and change the internals if not just install new valve without changing internals.
  4. Purchased the new updated thermostat from gm for my 2017 silverado. I also purchased the superior kit #stl010 and swapped the internals. My thermostat hit 144 degrees for the high and 138 for the low temp today. Temp outside is 50 degrees and the hard shifting issue is gone. It kinds sucks had to replace tranny at 62,438 miles.
  5. I just purchased the updated valve. I am also wandering if i should rebuild the new one i ordered using the sure cool kit from superior stl010.
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