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  1. 2003 1500HD Instrument cluster

    That sounds promising. I have wiggled the connector and it didn't come back on but I've seen bad connectors like that. I'll give it a try.
  2. 2003 1500HD Instrument cluster

    About 2 years ago, I had the stepper motor issue and replaced the motor from ebay for about $10. I've worked on electronics most of my life and that type of repair is not an issue for me. I've been over this thing resoldering connections but not getting it.
  3. 2003 1500HD Instrument cluster

    It's not a stepper motor problem
  4. 2003 1500HD Instrument cluster

    Ok, let's try this one. If I get one from a scrap yard what's the newest year that will work in my 2003?
  5. I have an issue with my instrument cluster where it basically shuts down. no gauges, warning lights etc. At first I could tap on it and it would come back but it's gotten progressively worse. I have resoldered every connection on it. I have connected it as just the circuit board so I could tap on individual components to isolate the issue but it's just pretty random when it decides to come back on. I've gotten to the point where I think I might have to replace it. The question is: Can I get one from a scrap yard? Will I need to go to a dealer for reprogramming after that and does anyone know what they would charge for that? I will probably call the dealer today and ask them, but I thought I would research first in case they throw me some BS. Thanks,
  6. AC belt keeps popping off

    Yep, that was it.
  7. 2003 1500hd with a broken AC belt. During belt replacement I noticed that the tensioner pulley would not turn. I removed it and saw that it was cockeyed and jammed on the bracket. I took it off and a ball bearing fell out. I put it back together and it turned ok although not perfectly smooth. Now the belt keeps popping off within seconds of starting the truck. I watched to see what was happening and all I can see is that the tensioner moves to where the belt is loose and it pops off. Would my next move be replacing the tensioner?
  8. Installed Seat Lift

    Did GM raise the seats at some point? The OP raised his 2004, I would like my 2003 raised and the 2007,2008 guys want theirs lowered. Is this just coincidence?
  9. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    See my sig. pic.
  10. Speedometer Cluster Failure

    Get the stepper motor from ebay for $10 and replace it yourself. It's a fairly easy job.
  11. Stepper Motor Replacement

    Finally got around to replacing the stepper motor. It was easier than I thought it would be. Followed the directions and had no problems at all. I can't believe GM pissed me off so bad over a $10 part and an hour of labor. I'm guessing however that this is not the way they would fix it. I bet they just put a whole new cluster in. Probably with the same POS motors that would go out again.
  12. Stepper Motor Replacement

  13. Stepper Motor Replacement

    I need to replace the stepper motor for my speedometer. Is there a write-up here anywhere? I did a search and found lots of topics related to the issue but not a how-to. If not I'll be winging it and taking pictures and notes to post one.
  14. Bob's Pics

    my pics.
  15. TAHOE

    Nice Ride!

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