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  1. Tpms Reset

    If you're having trouble getting it to work try running a large magnet across the sensor as you're letting air out. I do this on the Vette and don't even need to let any air out but I do on the truck. I have a friend's truck where I can just use the magnet, so I'm guessing there are differences in the TPMS that's making it easier for some than others... I got a big magnet from Harbor Freight for ~$5 that works great. An old speaker magnet would work well too.
  2. It's only $26.03 at gmpartsdirect.com although I'm not sure if a dealer has to program the key or if you can do it yourself.
  3. Silly String

    Exactly, it's silly string. A chemical product that can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage to your paint...

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