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  1. I bought a set of Moog (Tie-Rods, Pitman Arms, Idler Arms, etc.) for my wife's 2004 Yukon. The parts looks great and they are all Made in USA. Then, i look closer in the Tie-Rod threaded hole and they are both off centered. How could that happened? Moog has been great in the past and this is just poor QC. The holes are off centered about 1/16th of an inch. Its probably not going to cause a problem since the rod ends move as you turn. The thinner side of that threaded hole is about 1/8th inch to the edge. What do you guys think? I would hate to return it as I bought it online.
  2. I got under my wife's 2004 Yukon and found a leak on the Steering Box. Looks like its the Input Shaft Seal. How difficult is it to replace the seal? Do I need to remove the steering box? Thanks in advance, Ken
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