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  1. Czar, just replied to your pm. Use WAMS. You won’t be disappointed. Looks like you’re getting the right stuff.
  2. So... I had a bit of a snafu and need (want) a new tailgate for my pickup. I have a black 2015 Silverado High Country. Anyone have a lead? I’m near Dallas. I think any model year from 2015+ will work. Thanks!
  3. Yes. Steering wheel controls function as expected. 2015 2500 high country is my truck. I’m using CarPlay. The phone buttons do not end the call is the only thing I notice if I’m on CarPlay.
  4. I’ve had several people ask so here are the parts I got. HMI: 84028492 Radio Module: 23402903 USB port: 13509942 There are many options that work, but this is what I have.
  5. I just got my setup back from Chris at WAMS. He did an outstanding job and fast turn around. I purchased a used 2.5 HMI and 2016 radio module as well as the new USB port for the center console from eBay. Sent the radio and hmi to WAMS and he programmed them and sent them back. Took 20 minutes to swap everything out. Works great! He even put the latest software on it. Worth every penny! I had NAV so I got the hmi with NAV. System is so much faster and my CarPlay is back. I also get HD radio now since the 2016 radio modules have that.

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