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  1. That's actually not terrible for being lifted on 35s. I hang around 18.2 lowered on 30s with the factory 3.08 gears 6 speed. My range disabler comes in today. Can't wait to finally use my 6th gear and stop driving around in M5 all the time lol.
  2. Just from what I've read, getting a Range AFM Disabler or tuning it out like mentioned above helps prolong the life a bit since it's not shutting oil off to some lifters every time it goes into V4 mode. The only real piece of mind to be had is mechanically... so a DOD delete kit that sports non-AFM lifters and all the block off plates and such that come with.
  3. Interested in an update on this to confirm that leaf springs are the usual culprit for this seemingly common problem I share.
  4. Plugging in these AFM disablers doesn't trip the flash counter the dealer sees when you try to bring it in for warranty work, does it?
  5. Finally got lowered. Referred to this thread a lot and thanks to the community for posting opinions and experience. Went with 3/5 belltech spindle & adjustable SP shocks up front, flip kit with lift hangers out back also with SP shocks. Couldn't be happier with the ride. Not overly firm but much more stable in turns. No shakes, vibes, or issues.
  6. Love the morimotos. Bought mine from texasaggies when he did the full conversion. These are the best drop in fogs available.
  7. I thought they offer 2 different part numbers for the 6.2 vs the 5.3 intake tube they sell. Interesting to hear they are actually the same tube. They must have different part numbers because they have different sized couplers included?
  8. Interested in pan drop follow up on this set up as well.
  9. Any long term review on this? I'm debating on this kit vs. the derail kit for my remote trans filter project.
  10. Might have some time after work on Friday. Sent you a PM.
  11. Think I've gotten advice before to go with viking shocks to help with how rough the belltech sp shocks are in the rear.
  12. Call me a a ricer, but I really like skirts and rear diffuser on the SCA Performance ST package for the sierra. Anybody know if and where to get it so we can add it to our trucks if we want? Here's a link of a truck for sale that has the kit. https://www.bonnellsautosales.com/vehicle-details/2015-gmc-sierra-1500-sca-performance-package-truck-e604371784fa496fb0f22bfc0f9561d9 Update: I just talked to SCA and they said they don't sell the kit separately and the only parts they have left are for warranty work or replacement parts. I'll post this thread anyway so the community can be aware of these trucks... and maybe someone knows of someone else that makes nice kits for our trucks? I always thought that the front lower lip that comes on these trucks, while functional for aero, looks so ridiculous when the rest of the truck sits up so high.
  13. There's a youtube video that I watched about it. I'm sure you can easily find it but it some old guy with a white crew cab adding the liners and he goes over the part numbers and process. I would do as he mentions and pick up the mounting hardware on ebay. Should save you quite a bit considering what the dealer wants per fastener. I ordered mine from there and it cost me around $20 per set of 20. So like $40 total... though I guess from what you're saying, I'll need to order a few more.
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