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  1. In my opinion the gloss white option from 3M, Avery, and Oracal are not good matches. It would look like a paint job gone wrong if the bumpers and grill surround were wrapped. I have heard of the Color Lab company that provides colour matched vinyl for this specific purpose, but haven't seen any in person - photos look promising. I plan to digitally print some white samples myself and see if I can get a good match. I will post if I have any success.
  2. Yup I agree with the 3" difference front to rear in order to achieve a more level look. I am currently sitting at 2/4 with my truck and will be adjusting to 2/5 this spring for a more level look.
  3. Sweet lookin truck! I ended up installing the Belltech 2/4 kit on my truck and I have to say I agree with you. I think the 2/5 looks great on these trucks. I had a heavy load in my truck the other week which brought the rear down another inch and it looked just right. Belltech mentioned if I swap back to the factory shackles instead of the supplied ones with the 2/4 kit it should give me my additional inch of drop in the rear. Do you have any issues with vibrations or have you had to do any pinion angle shimming?
  4. A set of factory GM 20's with a nice set of rubbers would be my route. Love those body style of GM trucks.
  5. Went with a 2/4 drop on my daily driver 2015 Sierra. Love the stance. Rides like stock.
  6. Just an update - after 3 weeks of my truck sitting at the dealership waiting on parts (cam shaft, lifters, intake manifold) they finally began working on my truck and noticed broken exhaust manifold bolts. They replaced 5 bolts in total and the sound has gone away. No new parts were needed or used and the motor was not taken apart. False diagnosis.
  7. After 3 weeks of my truck sitting at the dealership waiting on parts they have now told me it was just a couple broken bolts on the exhaust manifold. After replacing the sounds have gone away. Seems to be a different story every time I speak to the service advisor. Picking the truck up tomorrow so I will see for myself in the coming weeks. I like the idea of trying out the Range AFM disabler to prevent this type of issue from happening in the future. More responsive sounds good to me as I often experience the hesitation Baytrucker has mentioned.
  8. I've had Weathertech mats in my 2015 Sierra since new and they are a nice product. Fit is good. The only con I am experiencing is on the driver side where it clips down onto the original floor mat plastic nub - water pools up in the little pocket where it clips down onto the floor and seems to make its way through the Weathertech floor mat. Pain in the but during Canadian winters. If I had to buy another set I would look into the Husky brand...
  9. Thanks for sharing. I think I will speak with service advisor when the truck is ready to be picked up and see if there is anything I can do about extended warranty. Worst case scenario - if this issue arises again when I am out of warranty I will have to debate trading in for a new truck and 5 year/160,000km warranty. Can't imagine what the cost would be for this type of repair if I had to pay out of pocket in the future...
  10. My 2015 5.3L slowly started making a similar ticking sound. You could hear it immediately on start up and then it would slowly go away once the vehicle warmed up (10-15 mins). Took it into the dealership and they told me lifters and cam need replacing. Its currently under warranty for another 16 months thankfully. I am worried about what the future has in store for this motor. Getting a tune with AFM delete seems to be a beneficial option moving forward. I have to do more research... Only 69,000km and I am experiencing this. I drive my truck nice and easy like an old man too!
  11. Good to hear. Did you have any lifters replaced in the past?
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