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  1. You got it. But it will probably be closer to summer time when I change it out for the simple fact of very few miles on it. Also might do a pan drop to see how it looks on the inside, if there are any shavings. Stay tuned.
  2. How fuel is introduced in to the combustion chamber has no effect on black smoke. I'll agree to disagree
  3. Its common on any type of fuel system that runs on decomposed dinosaur squeezings.
  4. Common on any engine....its dumping a ton of fuel to get the thing started. Remember that liquid gas doesn't burn its the fumes that do. When its insane cold outside you need to dumb a crap ton of fuel in to get some of it to evaporate otherwise truck wont start. Black smoke is unburned fuel. Your truck is fine.
  5. I went ahead and did an oil change on the truck but decided to leave transmission filter in till the next time. It hardly had any miles on it sense the install, figured it would be pointless to change out. I'll try and update this thread once I have filter changed out.
  6. You are correct it does open during winter month too, it just takes substantially longer then during summer. At least it does in my truck. How ever during summer time transmission reaches operating temperature quickly.
  7. Also remember that in during warmer month transmission thermostat stays open almost always.
  8. Look at Fram Ultra, very nice filter that can be comparable to M1
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MDf6VMZKM1bi5lrF0ZidZVmH7nJgcV8R/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zmb7enbiEfW3ElTAkolUlwmXzlxTZYyC/view?usp=sharing
  10. Wing we need to know how big the winch is, not in pounds but an amp rating.
  11. I did oil pan heater and ran extension cord through the front bumper where license plate is. I'll post a picture once I get home. Here is what I used to go through the bumper http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/search_catalog_command.cmd?fromProductSearch=true&item1=ik-015153&CQ_zstype=REG
  12. That's right Eddie, there is no flow through the cooler or the filter until trans is up to temp.
  13. Thanks! Yes, you sure can, take that #14 out and use an adapter. Something like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/C-AND-R-Racing-Natural-GM-3-8-Quick-Disc-Hose-Barb-Adapter-Fitting-P-N-42-10004/401464852351?hash=item5d792b7f7f:g:yIoAAOSwb3laPoQx:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!42101!US!-1&vxp=mtr There are cheaper ones on amazon. Search for " 3/8 gm transmission to 3/8 barb adapter" Because if you just cut the line, with out adding a barb to it, hose will leak. If you use above adapter and regular 3/8 hose you should be good to go. My die set has no way of making a hose barb, otherwise I'd have no problem cranking out a few adapters for you guys. I didn't do anything to thermostat, my chicken scratch drawings are just to show how it works from factory. I firmly believe that trans needs to operate at or around ~190 degrees. Now if you need additional cooling, might be a good idea to add another radiator, but factory set up seems solid for a 1/2 ton truck.
  14. It's a complete pain the the butt having to deal with exhaust interference. I'm planing on not having to drop that pan again until some time 150k miles or higher now with my set up. Hey make a post of with lots of pictures when you gets your knocked out.
  15. Cold weather will do that, plus the winter time gasoline mix might contribute to that too.

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